Court Booking

                                                Oakham Tennis Club

Please note that we are no longer operating the on-line court booking system.

Court Bookings/Rules  (please scroll down for the new Floodlights Procedure)

 We are delighted to say that due to the increased usage of the courts there have been a number of competing demands and therefore we set out below the court regulations.

Health and Safety

  1. The Management Committee make every effort to maintain the Club premises and courts in good repair and safe for use.  Please report any problems you come across by putting details in the Defect Report Book which you will find in the kitchen, straight away.  Playing conditions vary from day to day.  If you find that the courts are slippery for any reason, please don’t take a chance – don’t play.
  2. The courts must not be used in frosty conditions or if exceptionally hot weather makes the playing surface soft.
  3. Chairs must not be taken on to the playing surface.
  4. Children under 11 years must be supervised by an adult at all times and the club cannot accept responsibility for any child left unaccompanied for whatever reason, and this applies equally before the start and end of coaching sessions.

Public Court

  1. When court 1 (the caged) court has not been booked by members or coaches this court is available for use by the public which costs £10.00 per person per hour per court.  To book this court, the public need to contact Dan Potter on 07834470940 or email

Member Information

  1. Courts can be booked two weeks in advance on the white board.  The following have priority:  official team matches, pre booked coaching, club nights/mix ins.
  2. All Courts are available for the use of members and the clubs designated coaches.
  3. At weekends and after six o’clock on weekdays the maximum number of courts that can be booked by coaches or team play is three.
  4. Members can bring guests to play but guests need to sign in and pay a guest fee of £5 per person. The same guest may only be brought in 5 times and then should become a member.
  5. No member shall introduce a guest whose membership has been terminated or suspended.
  6. Members who have not pre booked should always sign their name up on the bookings board and who they are playing with so that public/guest usage can be monitored.
  7. Only correct tennis shoes should be worn.
  8. If a session has been pre-booked then this takes precedence over any other usage except if a genuine error has been made re team usage/club sessions.
  9. If you wish to play in a team please contact one of the coaches and they will put you in touch with the appropriate team captain.
  10. Please remove your rubbish from courts after your use.
  11. When the courts are busy usage is limited to one hour.


OLTC Court Booking Policy

OLTC Floodlight Use Procedure