Risk Assessment

Oakham Tennis Club Risk Assesment
Date :Jan 4, 2021

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Assessor: John Cowan(JAC)

Items highlighted in the table to receive consideration

Location Hazzard Commentsents Action
Clubhouse Fire Detection? No Smoke detector Committe decided in 2015 that there would be no one around to hear the detector even if it was triggered, and so no action was taken.(Meeting 12.11.15, item 11)
Fire prevention- status of extinguishers, fire blankets, notice in the kitchen area and power solation Certificate of the annual inspection of fire fighting and electrical equipment from 21.02.18 on Noticeboard.

Notice about fire precautions on the kitchen wall adjacent to extinguisher and fire blanket.

Fusebox in the cupboard next to the kitchen. This should allow the power to be cut off in an emergency? Cupboard is unlocked at all times.

A separate Notice (OLTC Doc 7) was provided as an action from 2015 with the club address and postcode
Fire Brigade details We need a notice with the club’s address and postcode. A separate Notice(OLTC Doc 7) was placed on the Noticeboard, in 2015, which also providing the club address and postcode
Fire Emergency Plan? Should be have a Notice advising a Plan? Notice about the Fire Precautions on the Kitchen wall adjacent to extinguisher and fire blanket and on the Noticeboard.
Hazardous cleaning materials. All materials are placed in the Kitchen cupbaord which is generally kept locked. Note the key is kept in a draw in the Kitchen.
Electrical equipment status? Other than the fire fighting equipment we do not appear to have any regular checks on the electrical points or apparatus. Committee to decide whether this is necessary and organise an electric inspection as soon as possible.
Injury risks? Risk of flooding? Turn off water main to limit water ingress. The stop-valve is under the sink, in the left hand side cupboard.
No other specific risks identical.
Employer’s Liability Insurance Certificate? This is displayed on the Noticeboard. Currently out of date at 30.09.2018 MD to renew.
Escape routes? The only egress is through the door in the main area. All windows are secured to meet In surance requirements. Committee to decide whether to provide alternative means of leaving the building, possibly trough one of the changing rooms into the secured areabehind the shed>
Intruding foliage? The hedge alogside path adjacent to Courts 2 to 4 needs constant attention. Currently OK.
Trip hazards? Danger of falling into the stream whilst retreiving balls? Notice on Noticeboard (OLTC Doc 6)
Other issues? 1 – There is more debris accumulating behind the shed, despite it being cleared in 2016.
2 – There are several isolated bricks on a wooden pallet behind the shed, which are used to weight down the winter tarpaulins. These have been spread out, so obviously children are playing with them.3 – There is a hole in the chainlink fencing behind the shed, which has been patched roughly and ‘secured’ by barbed wire fencing.4 – To the south side of Court 4, outside the playing areas, there is a fence panel completely adrigt of posts.5 – Access to the Courts is still available to trespassers using the gates at the south side of courts 2 and 4, as the combination locks are not being used (possibly due to difficulties in setting the numbers).
1 – Three sacks of roof tiles recently left behind the shed to be removed asap.

2 – Do we need to cover these in the summer months?

3 – We have a roll of chainlink fencing laying on the floor and entrapping brambles. Could this be used to effect a proper repair and removed the barbed wire?

4 – WM to instruct mark, or another, to remedy this at the same as some other work.

5 – The committee to investigate other means of making the site secure, to avoid being held liable if trespassers injure themselves by climbing poles etc.

Courts Surfacing? Cleaned and re-lined in Spring 2018.
Some cracking appearing on Court 1.
Committe monitoring situation.
Floodlight poles protection? Committee decided in 2015 that there would be little benefit from what would be a costly and probably ineffective procedure.(meeting 12.12.15, item 11)
leaves on Courts? Trees need to be cut back as far as possible The tree adjacent to Court 1 was cut back in 2015, but there are many leaves on Court 1. Consider further prunning?
Intruding foliage? This needs monthly attention during the growing season. WM to organise monthly rota from Spring onwards.
Defects in the fencing? Walked the perimeter on the Courts and there were no obvious ends of fencing protruding.
All fence posts appeared secure.
In the high wind on the 13.10.18 the top of the fencing was moving quite significantly behind Courts 2 and 3. This could be a result of sight screens acting as sails. Consider tightening the connections to the top wire?