Tennis For All

At Oakham Tennis Club, we want to make tennis accessible to everybody who would like to play the game. The health benefits can be amazing. You could burn up to 600 calories an hour in a competitive tennis match. Its good for your mind and body too. So whether you’ve picked up a tennis racket in your life or not, it’s never too late to start. 

Dan Potter – Head Coach

Level 3 LTA Licensed and Level 4 USPTR instructor Coach

“There are so many benefits to playing tennis. It keeps you fit, your mind alert and your body agile. It helps you relax and stay happy too. But it’s a great social game, where you can enjoy sharing similar interests and goals. 

Even at a starter level, tennis keeps you moving, changing direction and stretching. In all, tennis is a great escape from the stresses and strains of everyday life. 

Unlike most sports, tennis can be played at almost any age. 

Just make sure you stretch before and after you start playing- we don’t want any unnecessary injuries”.

Dan recommends the following tips:

Don’t play tennis with a pre-existing injury (or illness) without first talking with your doctor. 

Before going on court, warm up your muscles and joints.

Try and keep your body in shape relative to the level of tennis you want to play. Try and play at a level suitable to your age or fitness. 

If you feel like you are developing a repetitive strain playing tennis, you may be doing something wrong. Talk to one of the coaching staff about your playing technique. 

Have fluids on hand, especially when it’s hot. 

Even though we have ‘all-weather’ courts, be very careful about playing on courts that are wet. Consider whether it would be better to postpone your match and protect yourself from injury.